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Saturday, April 3, 2010

ASIAN BEST UNIVERSITIES 2009(asia khawmualpuia university thra times higher education in a thlan te 2009)

Top Asian Academic Universities in World University Rankings 2009
QS’ Top Universities, formerly known as Times Higher Rankings, have just released (May 11th) their rankings for Asian universities 2009 (2009 rank, school name, country):
  • 1     University of HONG KONG     Hong Kong
  • 2     The CHINESE University of Hong Kong     Hong Kong
  • 3     University of TOKYO     Japan
  • 4     HONG KONG University of Science and Technology     Hong Kong
  • 5     KYOTO University     Japan
  • 6     OSAKA University     Japan
  • 7     KAIST – Korea Advanced Institute of Science     Korea, South
  • 8     SEOUL National University     Korea, South
  • 9     TOKYO Institute of Technology     Japan
  • 10     National University of Singapore (NUS)     Singapore
  • 10     PEKING University     China
  • 12     NAGOYA University     Japan
  • 13     TOHOKU University     Japan
  • 14     Nanyang Technological University (NTU)     Singapore
  • 15     KYUSHU University     Japan
  • 15     TSINGHUA University     China
  • 17     Pohang University of Science and Technoly     Korea, South
  • 18     CITY University of Hong Kong     Hong Kong
  • 19     University of TSUKUBA     Japan
  • 20     HOKKAIDO University     Japan
  • 20     KEIO University     Japan
  • 22     National TAIWAN University     Taiwan
  • 23     KOBE University     Japan
  • 24     University of Science and Technology of  China   China
  • 25     YONSEI University     Korea, South
  • 26     FUDAN University     China
  • 27     NANJING University     China
  • 28     HIROSHIMA University     Japan
  • 29     SHANGHAI JIAO TONG University     China
  • 30     Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (I…     India
  • 30      MAHIDOL University      Thailand

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