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Saturday, April 3, 2010

career for science student

Science Career Options

Academic Courses
Professional Courses
PCM (Physics, Chemistry & Maths)
PCB (Physics, Chemistry & Biology)
Science / Arts / Commerce
ChemistryEngineeringMedical ScienceAccountancy(CA/CS/CWA)
MathsBiotechnologyBiotechnologyBusiness Management
ComputersInformation TechPhysiotherapyComputer Applications
(+2 with Maths)
Home ScienceCivil AviationGeneticsCommercial Arts
GeneticsMerchant NavyAudiologyDesign (Product, Textile, Fashion, Interiors)
BotanyPharmacyOptometryFine Arts
Bio-ChemistryNDA (Airforce & Navy)Agriculture & its allied fieldsGemology and Jewellery Design
Bio-medical Science& othersNursingVisual Communication Design
Geology Occupational TherapyInsurance & Risk Management
Agriculture Speech TherapyJournalism
Bio-Chemistry & othersMass Communication
Microbiology  Travel & tourism
Statistics  Hotel Management
Zoology  Social Work
& Others  Law
   Hotel Management
   & Others

Commerce Career Options

Academic Courses
Professional Courses
Business LawAdvertising
Business StatisticsBusiness Management
Business StudiesComputer Applications  (+2 with Maths)
CommerceCommercial  Arts
EconomicsDesign (Product, Textile, Fashion, Interiors)
Income TaxFine Arts
Mercantile LawGemology and Jewellery Design
MathematicsVisual Communication Design
 Insurance & Risk Management
 Mass Communication
 Travel & tourism
 Hotel Management
 Social Work
 Hotel Management
 & Others

Humanities Career Options

Academic Courses
Professional Courses

EducationBusiness Management
GeographyComputer Applications (+2 with Maths)
HistoryCommercial  Arts
MathsDesign (Product, Textile, Fashion, Interiors)
Political ScienceFine Arts
PhilosophyGemology and Jewellery Design
PsychologyVisual Communication Design
SanskritInsurance & Risk Management
SociologyMass Communication
& OthersTravel & tourism
 Hotel Management
 Social Work
 Hotel Management
 & Others


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